ideal man poptahof delft

01 Poptahof residency october 2009: The ideal man house

In a flat scheduled for demoltion in the neighbourhood ‘ Poptahof’ in Delft, five artists invited by Anja started their ‘ideal man project’. Anja Sijben, Ine Geraedts, Meg Mercx, Rob Verwer, Rob Visje, started discussing and fabricating work around the theme. Between the five, many knowledgeable and inspirational exchanges took place in the house. Poptahof, […]

02 The ideal man tinkers Rob Verwer

An ideal man has a place where he can tinker and investigate, research into not developed roads. He is curious and can be occupied with something for hours until he finds what he is looking for, in the meantime executing all the little jobs needed to do in the house. Not postpone but just execute […]

03 The ideal man laboratory Anja Sijben

The kitchen table was the central meeting place in the house, the so-called laboratory in search of the ideal man. Here many discussions took place about the ideal man. Our collective created work was in a shortened version projected on the wall in the kitchen during the presentation on October 25th 2009. The visitors at […]

04 The ideal man and power Ine Geraedts

The ideal man as leader, idol for many people. This in contrast with the man without a name, as a number, all the same, all together as an offer for the ideal. Who is ideal? Is that idol as ideal as it seems? Ine Gereadts shows her video in the prior living room. Her subtleness […]

05 The ideal man impression from media Meg Mercx and Rob Verwer

In the pink rose girl’s bedroom the real ideal man was carries by Barbie Ken’s. Or did the attention of the visitor slip to the ideal kisses in shown films? Meg’s magnificent realistic way of painting of the human body brings the visitor with both legs return back on earth. The bouquet book series lead […]

08 The ideal man in- or outdoors Rob Visje

Also Rob Visje was inspired by the neighbourhood. In the Poptahof area, would the ideal man be there? And how will he behave outdoors and how indoors? A temptation for Rob Visje to create a piquant version of the ideal man in- and outdoors at the same time. The painting, a little too vehement to […]

09 The ideal man in body power Rob Verwer and Anja Sijben

To make space for the painting ‘the naked man’ of Rob Visje, a wardrobe closet had to be removed. We found this an ultimate expression of an ideal man. He brakes down a closet without tools and measures his powers, he attacks his opponent (in this case the closet) with his own body. In cooperation […]