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Anja Sijben

The sound work “I want more” is the internal monologue in one’s head. The inevitable urge of people to want better, bigger, more. It is a drive which makes us move forward and makes it possible to create. For which we need a concept of the ideal man for. To strive towards something ideal, which is […]

03 The ideal man laboratory Anja Sijben

The kitchen table was the central meeting place in the house, the so-called laboratory in search of the ideal man. Here many discussions took place about the ideal man. Our collective created work was in a shortened version projected on the wall in the kitchen during the presentation on October 25th 2009. The visitors at […]

09 The ideal man in body power Rob Verwer and Anja Sijben

To make space for the painting ‘the naked man’ of Rob Visje, a wardrobe closet had to be removed. We found this an ultimate expression of an ideal man. He brakes down a closet without tools and measures his powers, he attacks his opponent (in this case the closet) with his own body. In cooperation […]