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the ideal man in Artoll – Bedburg Hau

Artists and scientists seek the ideal man! What is the ideal man? What is the ruling image? What do men think themselves? Will the traditional relationships ever change? Are we going to interact differently? Is there a new man coming? What started as a personal search of Anja Sijben for the ideal man, expanded in January 2011 in a […]

Anja Sijben

The sound work “I want more” is the internal monologue in one’s head. The inevitable urge of people to want better, bigger, more. It is a drive which makes us move forward and makes it possible to create. For which we need a concept of the ideal man for. To strive towards something ideal, which is […]

Casper ter Heerdt

I started out by building a huge column like the ones our heroes used to stand on. My work applies solely to the human part of this ‘ideal’. Instead of looking for perfection I search for possibilities. I’m interested in the question ‘Who we are? instead of what we should be like. My column developed from […]

Nicolaj Dudek

My work is a way of drawing around the construction of an ideal man and cycling and surfing at the same time around the cliché of the Ideal Man in an ironically and humorous way. There are two approaches: one is ‘mechanical’-like drawings, that represent the construction of something and offer a way to explore the thoughts […]

Milan Gies

I think there is no such thing as the ‘ideal’ man, one needs ideals. But those ideals should always be reflected and placed in one’s own context. Otherwise we start creating super ideals, which make the world hard and unreal. There is perfection through the existence of imperfection. The video “You have beautiful eyes” I made […]

Elaine Vis

Ideal men are powerful. Our world is made up winners. A man has to have a career to prove himself. Power was previously transferred by blood relationship, nowadays power has to be worked for. The base for the Ideal Man was the theme ‘man and power’. The classic men’s suits show male identity as a ruler. Each […]

Heather Allen

As a child in the 50’s and 60’s I was brought up with the expectation that my ideal man (‘the right man for me’) would one day appear and sweep me off into a happy future. As he never arrived I can only assume that he got lost on the way… Working on this project I’ve […]

Michaela Kuhlendahl

For the ‘ideal-man-project’ I have chosen to work with the hairy male body. Instinctively, hair does feel like a very personal bodily property and in its mythical meaning it is an expression of male and sexual power. So it has a certain charm that the men who donated their hair for my installations were conscious of […]

Naomi Akimoto

My work consists of two different approaches. One is the microscopic view, zooming in onto the mascular biological world on microscopic scale, resulting in drawings and an installation. Other work is based on Japanese literature (“Run, Melos” by Osamu Dazai. Published in 1940). The story is a reworking of Friedrich Schiller’s ballad “Die Bürgschaft”. The most […]

Guda Koster

During recent years woman has become highly emancipated. Man has adapted by developing his female side, but he has suppressed and forgotten his manly side. It is ‘not done’ to show your primal instincts as a man. The ideal man has to search for ’the wild man’ in himself. Lions, panthers, tigers in animal fabric silhouettes […]

Matthijs Muller

For me the playing man is the ideal man. Playing is the source of all creativity. Whilst playing the man gets absorbed by his desires. My installations and objects, where the hand of Man is shown everywhere but the absence of the human is striking, are about the boundaries of control. With directly appealing, at […]