the ideal man project in artoll

Artists and scientists seek the ideal man!

What is the ideal man? What is the ruling image? What do men think
themselves? Will the traditional relationships ever change? Are we going
to interact differently? Is there a new man coming?
What started three years ago as a personal search of Anja Sijben for
the ideal man, expanded in January 2011 in a collaboration between
international artists and scientists.
Three weeks of work, discussions and exchange in a laboratory situation
in ArToll, Bedburg Hau, Germany. All finalized with two days of exhibition,
lectures, workshops and activities.

Attending artist:
Naomi Akimoto (jp) Casper ter Heerdt (nl) Nicolaj Dudek (de) Elaine
Vis (nl) Michaela Kuhlendahl (de) Matthijs Muller (nl) Milan Gies (nl) Heather Allen (uk) Guda Koster (nl) Anja Sijben (nl)

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